Changes to Van Nuys Flyaway, including a connection with the Orange Line

Flyaway is an bus service operated by Los Angeles World Airports that provides express service from LAX to Union Station, Westwood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and a terminal near Van Nuys Airport. The Van Nuys route is Flyaway’s busiest, with almost a million passengers a year and departures as little as 15 minutes apart.

On Thursday, the LAWA board of commissioners voted to approve a contract with a new operator for the Van Nuys route, including a new stop at the Woodley Orange Line station. Van Nuys Flyaway buses will begin stopping at the Orange Line on October 1.

This connection has been in the works since at least 2012, when Streetsblog LA reported that LAWA was considering connections with the Orange Line at either Woodley or Sepulveda.

The stop at the Orange Line means that travelers from other parts of the San Fernando Valley can connect to Flyaway by taking transit.  Currently, the only stop is a park-and-ride location on Woodley Avenue near Van Nuys Airport that is not easily accessibly by bus.

Since the current terminal is already on Woodley Ave, the Orange Line stop should require only a minimal detour and will likely only add a minute or two to the trip.

The new contractor, Pacific Coast Sightseeing Tours and Charters, will replace the current contractor, Bauer Intelligent Transportation Inc.

The Van Nuys Flyaway is unique in that it may be the only profitable bus route in the Los Angeles region. According to a presentation made by Flyaway to a Metro Service Council in 2014, the Van Nuys Flyaway earned $1.7 million in net fare revenue.  The fare is $8, and the average net revenue per passenger was $1.89. However, most of this revenue is spent operating the Van Nuys park-and-ride terminal, so after these costs, the route just about breaks even.

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