Despite service cuts, NJT is adding trips on many of its routes.

On the whole, changes to the bus schedules are usually relatively minor.  Most of the changes on NJT’s September schedules involved ending summer-only service, and putting school trippers back on the schedule.

In this case, there are actually several routes that are getting more frequent service:

34:  This route has been put on a slightly altered route in Newark, going via S. 10th Street rather than S. 8th.  I’m not sure exactly why this is. The schedule says the reroute is due to traffic condition, but the new route is more circuitous and takes more time for a bus to go around.  This may be an example of the agency responding to resident or politician complaints.

76:  One new Sunday AM trip from Newark to Hackensack, departing at 6:30am.  Previously, the first trip in the morning was at 7.

80:  One early morning trip is being removed from the schedule on Saturdays from Journal Square in Jersey City to Gates Avenue.

99: One early afternoon trip in each direction is being added on the 99 crosstown route in Newark.

113:  One additional trip from Cranford to New York has been added to the timetable at 6:30am.

128:  Here’s the big one.  NJT is adding 8 trips inbound trips in the morning rush hour period (In a time of fare hikes and service cuts, no less!).  These trips will reduce crowding on the 128, as well as the 165 and 166 locals.  The new inbound trips range from as early as 4:35am to around 8am.

165:  Another 165P (Parkway Express) trip has been added.

167:  One additional trip has been added leaving New York on Sunday evenings

177: One PM rush hour trip leaving New York on weekdays has been added to the schedule

320:  One early morning trip has been added on weekdays from Secaucus to New York.

419:  The section of the route between Riverside and Burlington was eliminated, as part of the 2015 service cut package that was approved this summer. Frequencies on the remainder of the route are the same.

463:  The last trip of the day in each direction was discontinued, also part of the service cuts.

600:  A minor reroute in the Plainboro area.  Overall running times are not affected.

In the Trenton area, 602 + 604 were combined into a new route, the 624.

655:  This route is being eliminated as part of the 2015 service cuts.

744:  Significant service improvements on this route. Previously, this route ran every 35 minutes on weekdays. A few trips are being added on weekdays, to reduce the headway  to 30 minutes from morning until after the PM peak. The Saturday frequency will remain hourly, but service will run later in the evening.  The last trip from Wayne to Passaic on Saturdays is not at 9:30pm, as opposed to 6:30pm.

758:  Increased weekday service and slightly decreased weekend service.  Weekday service was hourly all day, but will now operate every 45 minutes in the AM and PM peaks,  On Saturdays, buses will run every hour and 5 minutes instead of every hour.  This means that one less trip will operate in each direction on Saturdays, but there will be more trips in each direction on weekdays.

872:  The section between Parsippany and Livingston has been eliminated as part of teh 2015 service cuts.

New schedules take effect September 5th

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