Coach USA/Suburban Transit raises local and commuter fares

Private transit operator Coach USA- a large holding company that owns properties like Suburban Transit in the Middlesex/Mercer County area, ONE Bus is Essex County, and Short Line in Bergen County – raised its fares effective May 2nd, 2016.

Recent NJ Transit hikes have captured public attention, and outrage, but in the mean time, Coach USA has been gradually increasing its fares as well,  slowly, but steadily.

Take a look at the 1-zone fares for ONE Bus (Orange-Newark-Elizabeth):

  • April 2015: $1.55
  • October 2015: $1.60
  • May 2016: $1.65

Before that, fares were $1.40, a rate that had not changed since 2008.  It seems like this is a programmed increase of five cents each month.  Are there further increases scheduled for Fall 2016?  Since they are a private company, we don’t know.

Down in Central NJ, Suburban Transit commuter fares are also rising by about 4%.

Here’s a rundown of Princeton-New York fares:

  • April 2011: $13.55
  • April 2012: $13.95
  • April 2013: $14.35
  • May 2015: $14.80
  • May 2016: $15.25

Monthly passes have also increased at a corresponding rate. Fares are still competitive with NJ Transit rail fares.

Fortunately, service levels are staying at about the level they were before.




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