Report finds NJ Transit safety group understaffed

From the illustrious Bergen Record:

The report also saw room for improvement. Investigators found that the NJ Transit office dedicated to protecting customers and workers was understaffed and overwhelmed, a belief shared by the majority of workers.

“Staffing level of safety organization is inadequate for currently assigned responsibilities,” according to the report.

Employees also have somewhat contradictory opinions about the culture at NJ Transit. On the one hand, feelings of personal responsibility to maintain safe conditions run strong. On the other hand, most workers appear to have little faith in the people working around and above them.

The report was mostly positive, noting that while NJT’s train crews and maintenance workers perform admirably when it comes to safe work procedures and maintaining a “safety culture” on the railroad, the central office overseeing this all is understaffed.

Under the Christie Administration, the ARC tunnel and bus service aren’t the only things that have suffered at NJ Transit. Non-union headquarters employees have taken effective pay cuts, and money in the budget for new hires, like professionals for safety oversight, has been tight.